Clitheroe Rams and Females.  Judges.  Mr H Whitwell & Mr D. Beresford

Champion Ram.   Mr C. Crowther  (Shearling )

Champion Female.  T.W Pickard & Son  (Ewe)

Aged Rams made to  £1522.55  ( C Mitchell )  and averaged £361.20        15 sold

Shearling Rams made to  £2310. (T.W. Pickard & Son )   and averaged  £310.80     95 sold

Ewes made to  £378.00  ( T.W. Pickard & Son )  and averaged  £311.50      3 sold

Shearling Ewes  made to  £168.50  ( C. Mitchell )  and averaged  £158.81  8 sold

Gimmer Lambs  made to  £136.50  ( C. Mitchell )  and averaged  £111.07   9 sold



Holme Show…….Judge.     Mr C. Crowther

Champion.    Mr H. Whitwell  (Gimmer Shearling )

Reserve Champion.      Mr J. Pickard  (Ram )


 Clitheroe Show & Sale of Draught Ewes.

Lonk Ewes.    1st.  T.W. Pickard & Son     2nd. R. Lister    3rd.  T.Whitwell & Sons

Lonk Shearlings.   1st.  C. Mitchell    2nd. J A & M Gornall & Son

Ewes to  £188    average  £133  (477 sold)     Shearlings to  £188  average  £145  (77 sold)


Hayfield Show.   Judge.   Mr  Gregory

Champion.   S & P  Scrivin  ( Ewe )

Reserve  Champion.   S & P  Scrivin  ( Aged Ram )


Hodder Show.     Judge.   Mr R. Spence

Champion.   S & P Scrivin   (Aged Ram )

Reserve Champion.  S & P  Scrivin  (Ewe )


Westmorland Show.    Judge.  Mr G. Morton

Champion.   S & P  Scrivin  ( Gimmer Shearling )

Reserve Champion.  J. Pickard   ( Gimmer Lamb )


Hope Show.       Judge.   Mr T. Robinson

Champion.   S & P  Scrivin.  ( Ewe )

Reserve  Champion.  C. Mitchell.  ( Lamb )


Kilnsey  Show.  Judge.   Mr  C. Crowther.

Champion.   Mr J. Pickard.  ( Gimmer Shearling )

Reserve  Champion.   Mr  R. Lister.  ( Gimmer Lamb )


Chipping   Show.    Judge.    Mr  J. Shorrock

Champion.    S & P Scrivin.  ( Gimmer Shearling )

Reserve  Champion.   S & P Scrivin.  (Aged Ram )


Trawden Show.  Judge.     Mr C. Mitchell

Champion.   S & P Scrivin.  (Ewe )

Reserve Champion.  S & P Scrivin.  ( Aged Ram )


Halifax Show.    Judge.   Mr B. Crawshaw

Champion.   C. Mitchell.  (Aged Ram )

Reserve Champion.   J.  Pickard  (Shearling Ram )


Great Yorkshire Show.   Judge. Mr R. Clark.

Champion. S & P Scrivin & Son.  (Gimmer Shearling)

Reserve.     S & P Scrivin & Son.  (Aged Ram)


Harden Moss.   Judge. Mr J. Hey.

Champion.   Mr C. Crowther. (Gimmer Shearling)




Todmorden Show.    Judge. Mr J. Hey.

Champion.   Mr D. Mullen.

Reserve.         Mr J. Shorrock.


Great Harwood Show.  Judge. Mr J. Shorrock.

Champion.   Mr R. Lister.  (Gimmer Hogg)

Reserve  Champion.  T. Whitwell & Son.  ( Tup Hogg )




2013 Show results

Great Harwood show-

champion: S and P Scrivin

Reserve: T Whitwell and sons


Harden moss-

champion: C Crowther’s shearling ram


Hayfield show 2013 champion and hill breed champion owned by S and P scrivin


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